Government Shutdown!

Melody1228 posted something to twitter yesterday that sparked my interest. She was in a sense yelling at people in the military that were whining about a possible government shutdown and the subsequent loss of pay to themselves or their family. I felt the need to comment on this particular possibility.
1. The government shutdown, although completely possible, is as close to impossible as it can be without crossing the line. Here is the thing, the government shutdown concept is based on the fact that the federal budget is the complete responsibility of the House of Representatives. They must approve the federal budget every year. Normally this takes place in the later months of the last session of the previous year or at most in the first three months of the current year. This year the republican majority in the House decided that they wanted to set an example and send a message so they have single handedly been holding this process up since december. The shutdown will take place if the House of representatives simply fails to pass a budget or a continuing resolution(and extension).
2. The government shutdown idea has run its course before in recent memory. Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingredge(sp.) called for this very proceedure during his "last term" in the house of representatives. I make a point of saying last because it can be said that there is a direct connection to this action and his defeat in the next election. When they carried out the shutdown it lasted for approximately 2 weeks i think and the worst thing that happened was that they were no longer conducting tours of the D.C. attractions. I am of course over simplifying this situation but my point is that the last government shutdown didn't really cause that much problem and even with the problems that it did create it also created one of the largest democratic winning elections in recent history. Bottom line is that when the republican party last threw a hissy fit and threw their collective hands in the air in defiance they were consequently removed from office by an overwhelming majority of voters who didn't like the overly dramatic and childish tactic.
This is only my opinion of the situation which is admittedly bias to the left...some say the extreme left, but I still stand my my opinion that if the House wants to shut the government down...Go For it!! I wish you all the best and would like to thank you in advance for so charitably giving of yourself to the further victory of the Democratic National Committee!!!LOL
In closing i would like to also reiterate the quote that spawned this entire rant which was the one where melody1228 described the government refusing to pay soldiers wages as "political suicide". This couldn't be any clearer. If you choose to shut the government down you will sign your own political death warrant and since it is the GOP that seems destine to do such a thing I can say with trepidation that I boldly support the GOP in this decision.

Resistance to DODT repeal

It seems to me as a soldier in the army reserve that it wouldn't be a big deal to the average soldier that "don't ask, don't tell"(DODT) was repealed. I don't really care what color, religion, sexual orientation, or sex you are as long as you can do your job correctly and keep my butt from dying. However, it came to my attention the other day while drilling with my reserve unit that it is a really big deal to some. I guess I can understand the arguments by some male soldiers that they don't feel quite as comfortable in group shower situations or close living quarters with homosexual men but it seems to me that that kind of situation would be addressed accordingly. The fact is that if some unauthorized action did happen to occur during the line of duty it would be treated in the exact same fashion as instances where unauthorized actions take place between soldiers of the opposite sex. I guess the point I am trying to make is that there was/is alot of fighting against the right of homosexual people to fight and die for this country. I know this because there were members of my unit that were spouting off hateful terminology regarding homosexuals and even a SGT who believed it his right to verbally abuse a lower ranking soldier just because that soldier posted on FB something to the effect that he was a homosexual and proud of it. It was very sad to watch because that soldier stated that he hadn't posted that and that it was a prank played on him by a friend but it doesn't matter. If he truly were gay it wouldn't Fucking matter. I really can't get over the believe of conservative americans thinking they have all mighty right to dictate what goes on in individual's personal lives. It is rediculous!!! I swear that I am not a violent person but it is comments and actions like that that make me want to physically harm individuals. Stop trying to control the lives of those that don't think like you!!!Not everyone is a Christian or Conservative!!! GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!! What would happen if suddenly the liberals of america decided that it wasn't okay for people to wear crosses or to carry bibles because we think that they offend us? what then? well then the conservative party would be all in arms protecting "Religious Freedom" but the problem is that they only want freedom for THEIR religion!!! Now friends, I am not saying that all christians or conservatives are bad. I happen to know many many people who vote republican and are very well rounded, loving, loyal, kind, american citizens but the fact of the matter is that those of you who think that what I am saying isn't what the republican party is about need to start reading the news!!! I will end this post by saying with all honesty that i have the upmost respect for those who have strong beliefs and feel that it is your constitutional right to have them. However, it is is also my constitutional right, and the constitutional right of all americans be they white, black, native american, gay, straight, satanist, buddhist, jewish, muslim, or athiest. THAT IS ALL!!!

Politics in General

I haven't had the time to post here like I so desperately wish I could. I wanted to let everyone know though that anyone is free to post on this community. The only restriction is that if you include any sort of link to other pages and stuff that I will have to approve them, otherwise it is fair game! I don't restrict anything else. so feel free to get in there and let us really know what pisses you off about the government or politics or just the country in general. I love a good bitch fest and I feel that we are all over due for a big one so have at it friends!!!
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Planned Parenthood

Did you hear? The House voted to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding. They cut funding for HIV tests, cancer screenings, birth control, and more, putting millions of women and families at risk. It's time for you and me to stand with Planned Parenthood. Sign the open letter to the reps who voted for this bill — and to the senators who still have a chance to stop it.

Citizenship by birth

I only have a minute to post this idea and i really want everyone to think about this for a minute. I will post more when i have more time and a chance to collect my thoughts.

There is a group of people who want to ammend the constitution to say that children born to illegal immigrants in this country do not deserve citizenship.

I am open to thoughts on the topic and,  like i said, when I have more time to check into it i will post for real! 

Have a great week everyone!!!

I hope to have a good post by Friday

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The situation in Egypt

I know that Melody1228 is currently compiling information for a really great post on the abortion legislation going through the House right now and wanted to start today's post by plugging that. It will be really good i promise.

today I feel the great need to post information regarding this situation in Egypt. If you are not familiar with this situation I strongly urge anyone to read about it in the NY times but to sum the events up...

As early as last week there have been protesters in the streets of the major cairo and alexandria... who have been "peacefully" protesting the current president. The president has been in power for 30 yrs. and they want him to step down. I feel it is important to realize that this mass of people were peaceful. There was no violence reported in these crowds. then yesterday or the day before there were some "anti protesters" who have been assaulting journalists and firing weapons into the crowds and general mayhem. WTF!!!! Is it so inconceivable to think that maybe if your people don't like you anymore it is time to step down. I might also add that the government has not taken an official stance on the events, ours or theirs, they are just watching as people get killed in the streets of cairo...

Now that everyone is somewhat on the same "left slanting" page...I pose a question for discussion sake.

1. Is it either expected or right for a supposed democratic leader to not step down when requested by the population?

2. Do you think that if these same events had taken place in New York or LA that president Obama would step down?

3. Do you think that the United states has any business stepping into this conflict at this time?
             if no, when do you think is a good time for the US to step in, if any...

that is kinda my discussion questions and topic for the next couple days. I hope to post more updates on the situation if i could get out of the apartment and actually see the

Have a Great Day!!!

Political Alignment

 It is interesting to realize that most people believe the political spectrum to be linear. That there is a line that runs from left to right an supports infinite places for individuals to rest their ideals. Where you fall upon this line will indicate where you should be sending your donation checks with regard to the national and state level parties. I find this interesting because there is a different school of thought out there that is much better for determining you political alignment on the national scene. This model takes into consideration the idea that politics is not just a social medium. Politics also encompasses economic values as well. the model i speak of shows a graph, rather than a line, where individuals fall on coordinates rather than just a place on a linear path. this model opens up the discussion to include what is most important to you with regard to economy as well as social issues. It is in fact possible to be socially liberal but economics  conservative. We call those people Libertarians. I just feel that in this day in age it seems to be all about social issues and they kinda just lump the economic issues in with the social. I get angry with this because they are in fact very separate ideas. I happen to be a very socially an economically liberal but not all people are like that. 

I am posting a link to a good website at the end of this post. This website was introduced to me by my Public Affairs professor at IUPUI. I think that it is a wonderful tool for prospective. Feel free to go to the website and take the "political Compass" test. it only takes about 5 minutes and it will allow you the ability to see where you fall on the grid. It also shows you where some very famous people like Hitler and Gandhi fall in comparison to you. Give it a try and then let us know how you did. it is a great conversation starter.

Also in closing for this weekend's post from me i would like to encourage you guys to "pimp" this community to your republican friends as well. I know that the name of the community is a bit bias and I won't say the opinions aren't even more so but I think that debate is healthy. I think that having the opposition's position at least  manned some of the time. Our only request as moderators is that individuals stay civil in debating things...basicly if you can't be nice about it don't say it. Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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when Lobbyists win the majority losses!!!!

Reading an article in the New York Times this morning titled "sway of N.R.A blocks studies, scientists say" I am nearly speechless (...nearly). the article perpetuates the claim from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that due to NRA lobbyist on the hill, the CDC is not capable of conducting proper research of gun related violence. The stance of the NRA is basically that "you don't need to know that, it isn't important". When is this closed door lobbyist idea going to finally be stomped out? Since when in this country did we decided as a representative democracy that we wanted our interests championed by a bunch of kiss asses on the hill? It sickens me to think that Lobbyist are allowed to go behind closed doors and speak with public officials about whatever they want. I don't like that it strengthens the idea that "he who has the gold, makes the rules". The american style of democracy rhetoric speaks of a nation where every state, big or small, every person, rich or poor, and every interest be it national or personal will be considered with the same objectivity. Lobbyist spit in the face of that democracy by appealing to the worst of all human nature flaws...GREED. It is really hard for some men and women to stand by their convictions when they are being offered millions and millions of dollars in gifts to do otherwise. This is especially apparent when dealing with things such as Ear Marks and coat-tail regulations and laws. For those who don't understand this concept it basicly means that if congress drafts a bill that states that they want to give $1MILLION  to a guy named bill and it goes to committee and they decide that they will only pass it if congress agrees to insert a clause that states that the color blue is now illegal. Now we have a issue where congress and indeed the public as a whole, really wants to give that money to Bill but what they don't know is that there is an "ear mark" that states that the color blue is illegal. Neither of these things have anything what so ever to do with each other but suddenly blue will be illegal if bill gets his money. This is how so many stupid regulations get passed, they ride on the coat tails of some landmark legislation and then are made into laws which are a pain in all our asses! 

My proposition is this, let the lobbyist speak because all americans have that right. Let them offer gifts, because that is a right as well. But should a Public figure take that "bribe" because that is truly what it is, he/she must inform their constituents of what the gift was, in detail and what the agreement was in taking it. I Truly believe in transparent government. I am sick of men behind closed doors deciding the fate of all Americans and we don't even get to hear what they say. I understand that knowing what they say and having the ability to stop it are two entirely different things but I think it is a start! I also believe this would give the people a chance to make their own opinions about government and not just suffer the political bullshit that is fed to them from both sides. I am loyal to my party but only as long as they maintain my interest. I feel the american public is smart enough to know what they believe provided they are informed truthfully the facts and not a political analysis.  
 As for the NRA, go screw yourselves!!! you have become way to powerful for your purpose and now you blur the lines of the truth for your own gains! I would like nothing more than to see the NRA disbanded and people speak  for themselves and no be lead by a bunch of gun crazed lunatics!!!! And before anyone goes off about how liberal i am i must say that i own two guns and have no reason to fear that anyone is going to take them away from me. The NRA has done nothing for me and their bullheaded nature cost thousands of lives a year just so a few can keep their assault rifles. Time to grow up and be responsible people!!!